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Strengthening Communities Worldwide

At Enterprise Mobility, we’re focused on strengthening communities one neighborhood at a time.

We do this by fostering a culture of community engagement as well as funding programs that protect the environment, drive social progress and empower the places where we live and work.

By leveraging our presence in thousands of communities, we are responding to natural disasters and helping address challenges such as hunger and social inequity through partnerships, 资助项目, volunteerism and employee giving.

How We Make A Difference


Through the “My Purpose. 我的时间.“好处, team members can devote a paid day to volunteer for an organization or cause of their choice.


Team members can support specific organizations through annual giving campaigns as well as other charities year-round via payroll giving programs.


Team members and their spouses or domestic partners who are actively engaged with a local nonprofit have the opportunity to apply for a charitable grant on that organization’s behalf each year.


合作伙伴关系 & 倡议

Since the beginning, Enterprise Mobility has strived to be an engaged corporate citizen that makes a meaningful difference in the communities where we live and work. 的 Enterprise Mobility Foundation oversees a variety of initiatives focused on creating positive impacts through long-term partnerships with nonprofit organizations.

Fill Your Tank®

Food insecurity exists everywhere. Enterprise Mobility is working to change that by supporting food banks and food programs that reach millions of people worldwide each year.


的 道路前进 initiative is a five-year, $55 million commitment to support organizations addressing social and racial equity gaps in our local communities.

植树造林 & Green Infrastructure

In partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, we are supporting forest reforestation efforts and community-based tree planting projects in neighborhoods that need them most.

路线 and 根®: Enterprise Healthy Rivers Project

路线 and Roots supports 的 Nature Conservancy’s efforts to protect and restore freshwater ecosystems, preserve watershed habitat and keep pollution out of rivers worldwide.


当飓风, 龙卷风, earthquakes and other devastating events strike, we strive to help fund relief efforts and support local communities with on-site aid.

Supporting Military & 经验丰富的家庭

We work with the Fisher House Foundation to help provide no-cost housing for military and veteran families while a loved one is in the hospital as well as scholarships for children of fallen or disabled service members.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

我们的大门永远敞开. See why leaving a legacy of diversity is one of our Founding Values.


Driving 可持续性

As a family-owned business spanning generations, we’re uniquely aware of the importance in preserving our world for the future.

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