合规 & 道德


At Enterprise Mobility, our focus on compliance 和 道德 is core to how we do business. 在我们组织成立65年之后, 尊重, 尊严和客户服务是我们成功的动力.

从一开始就指导我们的成长,我们的灵感来自于我们的 建立价值观 杰克·泰勒的永恒信条“做正确的事”.” Those cornerstones have enabled us to build a dynamic global network of people working together to move mobility forward.

个人的诚实和正直是我们成功不可或缺的因素. We hold ourselves to high st和ards of business 道德 和 responsible conduct to maintain a strong reputation with 我们的客户, 业务合作伙伴, 供应商与员工. 我们做我们的 建立价值观行为准则 available to everyone externally on our corporate website 和 provide annual training to employees.

我们的 供应商多元化政策 帮助增加多元化企业的数量,包括少数族裔拥有的企业, woman-owned, veteran-owned 和 other socially or economically disadvant年龄d small businesses — that supply goods 和 services to our organization. 根据政策, 我们为员工提供负责任的识别工具和帮助, 选择并与新的供应商合作. 

我们的全球 供应商行为准则 概述我们对供应商保持高质量标准的期望, 完整性, 卓越, 安全, 遵守法律和尊重人权.

We aspire to maintain a supply chain that is just 和 equitable for all workers, 不存在强迫劳动或人口贩运. Across our global operations, we strive to abide by all applicable local 和 regional regulations. We also eng年龄 in assessments to evaluate 和 address the potential or evidence of forced labor or human trafficking within our supply chain.

按照美国的要求.K. 现代奴隶制法案,我们出版了 年度声明 of the actions we have taken to underst和 potential forced labor 和 human trafficking risks related to our business. It also covers our subsidiaries 和 their supplier network 和 documents the steps taken to mitigate any such risk.

Enterprise Mobility strives to protect customers with high st和ards of privacy, 保密性和安全性通过全面和主动的数据隐私, 根据行业公认的最佳实践开发的安全和培训计划. These programs are based on Generally Accepted 隐私 Principles (GAPP) guiding principles 和 the Information Security Forum (ISF) St和ard of Good Practice. 组织, physical 和 operational security is maintained by a full-time staff of credentialed professionals with defined roles 和 responsibilities covering all information privacy 和 security specialties. 这些程序涵盖隐私原则等政策和程序, 全球私隐架构, 企业资讯保安政策, 数据分类策略, 企业安全框架, 私隐事件回应程序, 员工隐私政策和管理集合的其他内部政策, 使用, 共享和保留数据. 点击这里 了解更多.

Enterprise Mobility implements policies 和 practices intended to help us protect 和 improve the well-being of employees, 客户和社区. 我们正在努力:

  • 通过安全和危害培训项目支持人类健康和安全, 伤害预防沟通和合规保证.
  • Provide a safe work environment designed to prevent accidents, injuries 和 occupational illnesses.
  • Encour年龄 employee participation 和 accountability through training 和 communication to help ensure compliance 和 reduce injuries.
  • Reduce environmental risks from our operations by maintaining man年龄ment systems for fuel system, product stor年龄 和 waste 和 recyclables; as well as emergency response training programs.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety St和ards requires auto manufacturers to send a notice of any 安全 recall to vehicle owners. 当企业移动收到此类安全召回通知时, we identify affected vehicles by their corresponding vehicle identification numbers (VIN) 和 then place a “m和atory rental hold” on these vehicles in our rental man年龄ment system until the appropriate repair or remedy is provided by the vehicle OEM. This “hold” directs that recall work is to be completed before renting the vehicle. Sometimes manufacturers advise that certain recalled vehicles can be safely operated after an authorized interim repair. 在这种情况下, we may rent vehicles after the interim repair has been completed — but only until the final remedy is available. 

企业移动以成为机会均等雇主而自豪. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to 年龄, 比赛, color, 宗教, 性, 国家的起源, 性取向, 性别认同, protected veteran status or any other protected category 和 will not be discriminated against based on 残疾. 我们努力工作:

  • 尊重背景差异, 彼此的经验和观点, 我们的客户, 供应商和商业伙伴.
  • Create an environment free from discrimination against an employee or applicant for employment based on 比赛, color, 宗教, 性, 国家的起源, 残疾, 年龄, 性取向, 性别认同, 退伍军人身份或其他受法律保护的身份.
  • 创造一个没有任何恐吓和骚扰的环境.

Enterprise Mobility seeks franchisees that share our values 和 strive to uphold high st和ards of quality, 完整性, 卓越, 安全, legal compliance 和 human rights as well as show 尊重 for the customs 和 culture of the communities we serve. 我们也鼓励加盟商, 在可能的情况下, 自愿采取措施,减少营运对环境的影响. To help promote a common underst和ing of what is expected of franchisees, we have developed a 加盟商行为准则. All Franchisees are expected to underst和 this Code 和 adhere to its spirit 和 intent.

企业移动不容忍腐败或贿赂. 在适当的情况下,我们通过 行为准则、独立的反贪政策及相关的合规培训.

We formalized our 合规与道德 Program in 2015 to transparently communicate our st和ards 和 commitments to employees, 企业合作伙伴和客户. 适当时,员工每年接受合规培训. Employees with questions regarding policies or who have encountered potential misconduct are encour年龄d to contact the 道德 Hotline as referenced in the 行为准则.





我们的大门永远敞开. 了解为什么留下多样性的遗产是我们的创始价值观之一.