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Our Founding Values

What Drives Us

Who is Enterprise Mobility? Through the voices of our global team members, discover an organization brimming with community, opportunity, innovation and, above all, mobility — in everything we do.


As mobility has evolved, so have we. What started with a fleet of just seven cars more than six decades ago has since expanded into a global network of mobility solutions including car rental, fleet management, flexible vehicle hire, carsharing, vanpooling, car sales, truck rental, vehicle subscription, luxury rental, technology solutions and more.

So how do we deliver on our vision to be the world’s best and most trusted mobility company? By listening to and exceeding customer and employee expectations. By providing a wide variety of transportation solutions. By offering a great place to work and cultivating careers. By working together to reach our fullest potential. And by being a responsible corporate citizen in the communities where we live and work. We evaluate our success based on quality relationships and a high level of customer service. 


We can do great things when we listen to our customers and each other.


Jack Taylor didn't talk about founding values when he started the business in 1957. He and his team just lived them. But the values that resulted in their daily interactions with customers and one another have been the foundation for Enterprise’s growth and success for more than six decades.  

Jack’s founding philosophy: “Take care of customers and employees first, and everything else will follow” continues to be instrumental to our success. The founding values listed below drive us on a regular basis and hold us accountable every day.


Our Founding Values

We do business every day as if our success depends upon our organization's good name — because it does. Our reputation and the powerful brands we build together are our most precious assets. In the marketplace and communities we serve, our brands and people have the power to advance our reputation with every customer interaction. 

As the personal face of our organization in thousands of communities, local employees demonstrate our commitment to the highest ethical standards. We build loyal, long-term relationships with customers and neighbors by treating them fairly, meeting their needs and earning their trust. These relationships, sustained by personal honesty and integrity, are the foundation of our success. 

We maintain an uncompromising commitment to customer service across each of our service brands, from our focus on complete customer satisfaction, to directly linking career advancement opportunities to the actual level of service we provide. Our goal is simple but powerful: to exceed every customer's expectation. 

We work hard to meet goals for growth and success. But we work just as hard to keep the workplace enjoyable. Decades after he stepped down from day-to-day management, our late founder Jack Taylor was still greeting employees with the question, "Are you having fun?" We are known for our enthusiasm, high energy, healthy competitive drive and team spirit. As we continue to grow, we understand we can best fuel our collective success with a workforce that is upbeat, motivated and highly committed to each other's success.  

Learning how to run a successful business from the ground up and delivering a high standard of service demands a deep personal commitment from each employee. But Enterprise Mobility is also a true meritocracy that rewards this commitment personally, professionally and financially by providing employees with ample opportunities for growth. That makes our organization a great fit for career-minded individuals who take real ownership of, and responsibility for, their goals and aspirations. 

We have learned that when we truly listen to customers and understand their needs, they lead us to opportunities — from little ways to serve them better, to new lines of business that open up exciting growth prospects for our business. We listen carefully to one another, too. Day-to-day, face-to-face, listening leads us to working more effectively together. At Enterprise Mobility, we understand that an open and respectful exchange of ideas is critical to maintaining our high standards for service and personal success. 

Our organization has a presence in thousands of communities, placing us on a first-name basis with the people who call those communities home. We purchase large quantities of vehicles, generate tax dollars through sales and employment, create meaningful jobs that generate significant income and benefits for employees and their families and much more. We realize we owe our success to the support and goodwill of the people who live in those communities and who do business with us. That's why we are committed to involving ourselves in the support of worthwhile endeavors wherever we operate our businesses, from local neighborhoods to the biggest cities and everywhere in between.  

We reach out to people of all backgrounds — in serving existing customers and winning new ones, in developing current employees and attracting new talent, and in identifying and employing a diverse range of suppliers and service providers. Our commitment to be a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization extends to every employee, customer and business partner. We value the many differences that make each of us unique and know that these differences help to advance our success. Simply put, we want to nurture a business environment that is responsive to all.

Mobility in the Future

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